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Learning Outcomes for Undergraduates

Effective Communicators
Students can demonstrate the ability to effectively and appropriately communicate in a professional manner.

Ethical Stewards
Students can critically assess their ethical responsibilities as stewards of an organization.

Global and Multicultural Citizen
Students will have the ability to critically examine interdependent global systems and craft effective solutions to complex problems. They will cultivate an understanding of the role cultural difference play in determining appropriate and effective personal and professional interactions.

Proficient in Their Fields
Students are proficient in their respective fields.

Data-driven, Strategic Problem-Solvers
Students can utilize a strategic perspective supported by qualitative and/or quantitative data when developing, evaluating, and implementing sustainable organization strategies to achieve competitive advantage.

These learning outcomes are statements which indicate the knowledge, skills, and abilities a student will attain in each subject area as a result of completing an undergraduate degree in the Zimpleman College of Business at Drake University.

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