General Contact

Drake University Office of University Communications
1229 25th St.
Des Moines, IA 50311-4505

Phone: 515-271-2169
1-800-44-DRAKE, x2169

Fax: 515-271-3789

Executive Director

Debra Lukehart
Executive Director, University Communications
Phone: 515-271-2017


Phone: 515-271-2169

Office Manager

Brenda Kay Rodriguez
Office Manager
Phone: 515-271-2169

Licensing & Merchandise

Shelly Mootz
Senior Designer
Phone: 515-271-1913

Phone: 515-271-3779

Social Media

Public Relations

Jarad Bernstein
Director of Public Relations and Media Management
Phone: 515-271-3119
Cell: 515-650-3877

Aaron Jaco
Digital Media Specialist
Phone: 515-271-2179

Theresa Jubert
Public Relations Specialist
Phone: 515-271-1834

Editorial & Client Relations

Beth Wilson
Editorial Director
Phone: 515-271-4719

Tim Schmitt
Phone: 515-271-3273

Jill Brimeyer
Senior Writer
Phone: 515-271-3188

Alyssa Young
Digital Media Writer Editor
Phone: 515-271-4501


Kristin Dunn
Creative Director
Phone: 515-271-3299

Shelly Mootz
Senior Designer
Phone: 515-271-1913

Emma Akerly
Graphic Designer
Phone: 515-271-3247

Abbie Hansen
Project Manager
Phone: 515-271-1899

Micki Nelson
Production Manager
Phone: 515-271-2833

Web Communications

Jeremy Sievers
Director, Web Communications
Phone: 515-271-2795

Danny Akright
Digital Media Publisher
Phone: 515-271-3779