Enter the exciting and rapidly changing world of health care with the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. The CPHS offers both professional and undergraduate degrees in the areas of pharmacy and health sciences, respectively. All programs offer practical, hands-on experiences designed to prepare you for your future career.

B.S. in Health Sciences

A Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences from Drake is designed with your future success in mind. The Health Sciences program is an interdisciplinary curriculum, meaning you will take courses across a variety of subject areas to ensure you are not only getting a strong science based education, but an introduction to other important subject areas as well. At the end of your first-year at Drake you will select from the Clinical and Applied Science track, the Health Service Management track, or the Pharmaceutical Science track. By selecting a track you can personalize your curriculum to your future pursuits. From graduate and professional programs, positions in the administrative side of health care, or pursuing a career in innovative research, the tracks within Health Sciences can guide you to where you want to go.

Drake allows for multiple program options to help tailor your experience. While pursuing a degree in Health Sciences you may also pursue a minor or concentration that allows you to gain specialized skills and differentiate yourself from the competition. You can choose to add a concentration or minor in many areas, including global and comparative public health, leadership, or entrepreneurship.

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)

A Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree from Drake will help you develop into a confident, reflective practitioner who takes an active role in the health care of those you serve. By emphasizing patient care, team-based learning, creative thinking, and communication skills, we go beyond the textbook to help you become a leader in the field.

To focus your career track and further advance your education, enroll in our joint-degree programs and pursue an additional master's while obtaining your Pharm.D. With just one extra semester, you can obtain your M.B.A. or M.P.A. along with your Pharm.D., or you can receive your J.D. and Pharm.D. with two additional years of courses. Students can also focus their degree by taking part in our unique diabetes concentration.

Our on-campus labs give you hands-on experience with advanced science and pharmacy practice. In a brand new pharmacogenomics, or personalized medicine, lab you can participate in cutting-edge research in the future of medication therapy management. You can also explore patient wellness and care in an innovative disease prevention lab and finesse your pharmacy practice skills in a licensed practice pharmacy, complete with the latest automation and technology.

Practitioner programs like DELTA Rx enables pharmacy students to embrace innovation in the field and develop creative solutions to health care issues. You will be ahead of the competition upon graduation and ready to take on the constantly evolving health care field.

CPHS Upcoming Events
Doctor of Pharmacy Hooding Ceremony
Saturday, May 17 @ 4 p.m.
[Knapp Center]
Undergraduate Commencement [B.S., Health Sciences]
Sunday, May 18 @ 10 a.m.
[Knapp Center]
Graduate and Doctoral Commencement [PharmD]
Sunday, May 18 @ 2:00 p.m.
[Knapp Center]