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Our program has been described by students as being Practical, Challenging, Interesting, Fast-Paced and Rewarding.  It prepares learners in skills required by Financial Managers, Investment Advisors/Financial Planners, Security Analysts, Valuation experts, Mortgage Advisors, Financial Consultants, and more. The Finance curriculum is designed to give students knowledge of major concepts and practices in financial management while helping develop analytical, decision-making, and communication abilities. Our learners use Bloomberg Terminals for class, attain a Bloomberg Markets Concept Certificate, and have the opportunity to participate in an on-site case competition and the CFA™ Challenge competition while at Drake. This mixed exposure to technical financial knowledge and broad-based business acumen yields well-rounded graduates desired in today’s competitive market.

Our program is a CFA™ Institute University Affiliated Program which means that we “have included a significant portion of the CFA™ program Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK)—including the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct—into” our curriculum. We provide our learners substantial preparation to take the Level l CFA exam. Moreover, with four faculty members who are CFA Charterholders, we are able to award several scholarships to students to take the exam thus significantly reducing the exam cost to them. When you choose to attend Drake, you’re selecting an engaging program geared at preparing you for a successful career.  You’ll gain hands-on experience and get to know your professors.

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s a few comments from some of our graduates:

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‌“I feel confident when speaking with employers that my experience through the Finance program has prepared me to intelligently discuss current financial topics and placed me above candidates from other schools.”—Cameron Christoff, Credit Processing Specialist at John Deere Financial


“My most memorable experience comes from being put through the grinder that is FIN 197. Having to think on my feet and field tough questions while presenting has caused me to grow as a person and critical thinker.”—Michael Vankat, Accounting Intern at Principal Financial Group

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"I worked in Uganda to create a microfinance loan program to help an entrepreneur. I was able to use the lessons I learned in class to help someone half a world away.”—Emily Raecker, Leadership Development Program Associate at Principal Financial Group

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“I think my most memorable course/experience … was taking my international finance course. On top of tying multiple financial topics together, I was able to see real-world, globally involved problems and apply my financial knowledge to them.”—Michael Peterson, Actuarial Analyst at Lincoln Financial Group

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"In FIN 190, I was part of the team that analyzed a portfolio of companies by looking at Free Cash Flows to come up with an intrinsic value. The best part of this was the decisions that we made mattered, in that it contributed to whether the portfolio did well or not (as real money was invested into it). I thoroughly enjoyed having one-on-one discussions with my professor on the industry as well as the process of coming up with my own valuation of the company.”—Russell Pang, Quantitative Analyst at Milliman

October 24, 2017
Drake faculty of the College of Business and Public Administration awarded scholarships to five students to take the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level 1 exam in 2018.
October 17, 2017