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You're in!

You’re part of a select group of students from across the nation—and the world—who are admitted to Drake! As a full-time transfer student, you just locked in scholarships, which is really just the cherry on top of becoming a Bulldog.

You probably have questions about transfer credit, financial aid, and most importantly, how you'll look in Drake blue (don't worry - it looks great on everyone).

Questions answered? Then it's time to become a Bulldog!

How to Enroll

1. Log in to blueView.

Your login credentials are in the acceptance letter included in your admittance packet. (If you lost this information or need help, contact your admission counselor.)

2. Pay your tuition deposit to enroll.

In blueView, click the Welcome Admitted Students tab and follow the Submit Your Tuition Deposit instructions in the upper right to make your $250 tuition deposit and officially enroll.

3. Sign up for housing or request commuter status.

Next, complete the Submit Your Housing Deposit steps in the lower right to sign up for housing and a meal plan, and pay your $250 housing deposit. (You can also request commuter status here.)

You can submit your housing contract now and make specific roommate requests later. Priority consideration deadlines for roomate requests are June 30 for Fall or December 1 for Spring.


Still want to learn more?

Learn more about Drake and see why the grass is definitely greener on our campus.


Visit Campus

Talk With your Admission Counselor

Learn About Housing


Attend Transfer Student Orientation


Running with another pack?

If you’ve decided that the Bulldog life isn’t for you, please take a few minutes to decline your offer of admission. We’re always looking for ways to improve, and your feedback is an important part of that process. And remember – you can always contact your admissions counselor if you have second thoughts.

Important Admission Dates

Monday-Friday - Schedule an individual visit to tour Drake

March 1, 2018 - Regular Decision Deadline to apply for Fall 2018 enrollment

May 1, 2018 National Candidates Reply Date to enroll for Fall 2018

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