Past Award Recipients

CRC Press First-Year Chemistry Achievement Award is awarded to outstanding first-year Chemistry students.

2017 Winner: Maxwell Harlan
2016 Winners: Stasia Harycki, Elliana Huffman
2015 Winner: Margaret Clapham
2014 Winner: Hayley Petras
2013 Winners: Paige Diamond, Shannon White, Kellie Arensman, Alexis Schrieber
2012 Winners: Andrew Bloom, Emily Cook, Ashlay Reese
2011 Winners: Zachary Kadow, Adam Riesselman, Joseph Zieminski
2010 Winners: Rachel Duffield, Rosalie Sterner, Jaclyn Stoffel
2009 Winners: Emily Heffernen, Lauren Schmidt, Jenna Denman
2008 Winners: Nathan Verlinden, Robert Shertoli
2007 Winners: Elizabeth Beloom, Xuan-An Nguyen
2006 Winners: Dorothy Chrzazcz, Kathryn Owen

American Chemical Society POLYED Organic Chemistry Award is presented to students for outstanding performance in both lecture and laboratory components of Organic Chemistry.

2017 Winners: Colton Sleister, Quinn Myers
2016 Winners: Margaret Clapham, Jordan Saeed, Margo Wohlfeil
2015 Winners: Haley Chelsvig, Katherine North
2014 Winners: Paige D. Diamond, Emily N. Sadecki, Alexis E. Schrieber, Jenna L. Romich
2013 Winners:  Andrew Ruplin, Robert Sterner 
2012 Winners:  Zachary Kadow, Adam Riesselman 
2011 Winners:  Molly Frey, Meryl Brune, Rosalie Sterner
2010 Winners:  Murphye Olsen, Erica Pfeifer, Lauren Schmidt 
2009 Winners:  Rachel Barkley, Ethan Secor
2008 Winners:  Carol McFarland, Xuan-An Nguyen 
2007 Winners:  Sarah Wildgen, Dorothy Chrzaszcz 
2006 Winner:  Daniel Sadowski 

American Chemical Society Analytical Chemistry Award is awarded to a student demonstrating enthusiasm for and productivity in chemistry research.

2017 Winner: Jae Park
2016 Winner: Ryan Wealther
2015 Winner: Nayasha Madhan
2014 Winner: Paige Diamond
2013 Winner: Rosalie Sterner
2012 Winner: Zachary Kadow
2011 Winner: Ethan Secor
2010 Winners: Samantha Haas, Rachel Haase
2009 Winners: Jessica Wageman, Rachel Barkley
2008 Winner: Breana Cummens
2007 Winner: Katherine McDermott
2006 Winner: Freddy Witarsa

Dr. William Homer & Florence T. Coppock Chemistry Research Award is awarded to a student demonstrating enthusiasm for and productivity in chemistry research.

2017 Winner: Margaret Clapham
2016 Winners: Caroline Plescia, Hayley Petras
2015 Winner: Cassandra Doody
2014 Winners: Robert C. Sterner, Paige D. Diamond
2013 Winners: Adam Riesselman, Lauren Shuda
2012 Winners: Molly Frey, Rosalie Sterner
2011 Winner: Kyle Denton
2010 Winners: Andy Johnson, Ryan Johnson
2009 Winner: Xuan-An Nguyen
2008 Winners: Breana Cummens, Sarah Wildgen
2007 Winner: Daniel Sadwoski
2006 Winner: Erin Cole

Marguarite Wilson Scholarship in Chemistry is awarded for outstanding achievement in first-year chemistry and a strong interest in research.

2016 Winner: Jae Park
2015 Winners: Katherine Walther, Haley Petras
2012 Winner: Aaron Beck
2011 Winner: Molly Frey
2010 Winner: Ethan Secor
2009 Winner: Ryan Johnson
2008 Winners: Emily Hamlin, Sarah Wildgen
2007 Winner: Breanna Cummens

Kelli Harl Wright Endowed Scholarship

2016-17 Recipient: Jae Park
2015-16 Recipient: Ryan Wealther
2014-15 Recipients: Kirby Lampe
Katherine Walther
2013-14 Recipient: Kaitlin Ortman

Outstanding Senior in Chemistry is awarded to an outstanding chemistry major with excellent initiative and superior performance in class work and research.

2017 Winner: Hayley Petras
2016 Winners: Paige Diamond, Taylor Harville
2015 Winner: Robert Sterner
2014 Winners: Molly A. Frey, Zachary A. Kadow
2013 Winners: Michael Rodriguez, Rosalie Sterner
2012 Winners: Ethan Secor, Kyle Denton
2011 Winner: Andrew Johnson
2010 Winners: Breana Cummens, Kaitlyn Mahoney
2009 Winner: Sarah Wildgen
2008 Winner: Minh Nguyen
2007 Winner: Erin Cole
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