MS in Counseling

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Program Courses

Degree Options

You will take a core set of courses as part of the Master of Science in Counseling program. You will also choose one or more specializations.

Core Classes

COUN 200 Introduction to the Counseling Profession
COUN 201 Counseling Research
COUN 215 Theoretical Foundations of Individual and Family Counseling
COUN 220 Career Development and Occupational Information
COUN 221 Methods and Procedures of Counseling
COUN 224 Assessment of Families and Individuals
COUN 225 Human Development and Life Issues
COUN 228 Psychopathology and Psychiatric Disorders
COUN 236 Group Procedures
COUN 240 Theoretical Foundations of Family Counseling
COUN 245 Counseling Diverse Populations
COUN 260 Counseling Practicum
COUN 270 Advanced Practicum


Clinical Mental Health Clinical Rehabilitation School
COUN 291 Mental Health Counseling Internship COUN 210 Disability Policy COUN 243 Comprehensive School Counseling Program
COUN 298 Ethics in Counseling COUN 233 Human Resource Field Work COUN 290 School Counseling Internship
Counseling Electives (12 credit hours) COUN 246 Medical Aspects COUN 295* Classroom Management & Teaching
  COUN 265 Advanced Placement SPED 220* Intro to Special Education
  COUN 292 Rehabilitation Counseling Internship  
  Counseling Electives (3 credit hours)  

*Required only for students who are not licensed teachers 

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