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School Counseling Specialization

If you want to work with students, the Master of Science in Counseling offers a specialization in school counseling. The degree leads to licensure as a school counselor in Iowa and will prepare you for jobs in both elementary and secondary education.

The Master of Science in Counseling School Counseling specialization offers three options for completion based on your experience and needs:

  • Teachers who are licensed in Iowa complete a 48-credit hour master's degree to receive both elementary and secondary licensure.
  • A 48-credit hour option is available to licensed Iowa teachers who wish to receive only secondary or only elementary licensure.
  • Students who do not hold a teaching license can receive the degree with six additional credit hours of coursework.

This program is accredidated by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP).  

Accreditation symbol for CACREP.  Updated by CACREP 5.2016 MSR

Mission and Objective

The Mission of the School Counseling Specialization

The mission of the School Counseling specialization is to prepare exceptional school counseling professionals who strive to improve the lives of people in the school community. To this end we will offer degree programs, provide university and community services, and conduct research on issues related to school counseling. Faculty, students, and staff will work collaboratively with children, adolescents, families, and schools to provide a comprehensive and diverse learning experience that is both educationally and personally challenging. We expect that School Counseling graduates, through direct intervention, collaboration, research, advocacy and leadership, will be proficient and excel at identifying and removing the barriers that impede equal access to educational and career opportunities for all students. Graduates will have met all of the competencies set forth by Drake University, CACREP, and the Iowa Department of Education. 

The Objectives of the School Counseling Specialization

  1. The School Counseling specialization shall prepare students to enter the profession as professional school counselors as defined by accrediting bodies, professional associations, and state departments.
  2. The School Counseling specialization shall actively involve individuals from the community as guest lecturers, instructors, and through service at community schools. These shall include professional school counselors, teachers, staff, administrators, school students from public and private schools as well as individuals from diverse backgrounds..
  3. The School Counseling specialization shall periodically conduct follow-up with graduates and area needs assessments. It will incorporate those results into its curriculum planning to ensure it meets the needs of students and employers.
  4. Counseling Program faculty will work with schools and education entities through in-service training, consulting, and research.


To receive more information about the program, contact

Program Contact

Dr. Bengu Erguner-Tekinalp
Associate Professor

Learn more

Click here for school counseling coursework information. Complete requirements for a school counseling endorsement can be found on the State of Iowa website(scroll to section 172 for elementary or 173 for secondary).

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