Message from the Director

Every day, as teachers, scholars, and mentors, we in the humanities at Drake University work hard to guide our students, our fellow citizens, and ourselves toward a deeper, more responsible, and more reflective understanding of our cultures and our places in it. I am proud of the ways the Center for the Humanities supports that work. Through research grants, teaching development support, student and faculty awards, and public programming, the Center has established itself over the past twenty-five years as a key driver of Drake’s ongoing mission to foster an excellent learning environment characterized by collaboration among students, faculty and staff.

The Center for the Humanities comprises over 100 faculty, staff, and administrators, making it one of the largest and most broadly representative programs in the University. Our faculty and staff work in every academic division of the university, creating a rich and vibrant community of teacher-scholars. Our research takes many forms, from musical composition to chemical composition, from narrative analysis to mineral analysis, from the study of the mind to the practice of mindfulness, and beyond. We share our insights with one another, challenge one another, and celebrate our achievements together, both individual and collective.

I hope you find what we’ve built and maintained here compelling, inspiring, and useful. These pages offer information about every aspect of our work, including our mission, our governing policies, our procedures, and, not least of all, our people. Please explore these pages, and if what you see piques your interest, take part in our programs. We pride ourselves on our diversity—ideological, intellectual, and human—and invite you to help us broaden our scope and deepen our impact as we move forward.

Best wishes,

Craig N. Owens, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of English
Director, Center for the Humanities
Drake University

Art Sci Events
July 10, 2015
08:00 PM - 09:00 PM
ArtSci News
June 11, 2015
Zenith Chamber Music Festival features free, daily performances at four locations in Des Moines. Zenith is scheduled for August 18-21 and is hosted by Drake University.