Prosecution and Defense Certificate

The Prosecution and Defense Certificate is designed to prepare students for careers in criminal prosecution or criminal defense.

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Students will engage in at least 27 credits of academic coursework as well as skills and experiential training, which includes extensive involvement by local practitioners.

Required Courses

Criminal Law (3 credits)
Prosecution & Defense (3 credits)
Evidence (4 credits)
Criminal Practice/Procedure I (3 credits)
Criminal Procedure II (3 credits)

Required Skills Training

Trial Advocacy (3 credits)

Experiential Training

Prosecutor Internship (1-3 credits)
Criminal Defense Clinic (4-6 credits)


Advanced Criminal Defense Clinic – Trial (4 credits)
Advanced Polk County Prosecutor Internship (3 credits)
Advanced Prosecutor Internship (1 credit)
Criminal Motions Practicum (3 credits)
Domestic Violence (3 credits)
Federal Criminal Law (3 credits)
Federal Public Defender Internship (3 credits)
Global Issues in Criminal Law (1 credit)
Intoxicated Driving Law  and Practice (2-3 credits)
Juvenile Delinquency Clinic (4-6 credits)
Laws of War (1-3 credits)
National Security Law (2-3 credits)
Psychiatry and the Law (2-3 credits)
Scientific and Expert Evidence (2 credits)
State Public Defender Internship (3 credits)
State Public Defender Appellate Internship (3 credits)
U.S. Attorney's Office Internship (3 credits)

For more information, see Drake Law School's course descriptions.

Program Director:

David McCord, Associate Dean; Professor of Law
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