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Washington University Engineering Dual-Degree

Drake University is affiliated with the Seaver Institute of Technology at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. This affiliation offers the opportunity for our undergraduate students to pursue an undergraduate Engineering degree.

The typical student will complete three or four years at Drake, usually taking classes towards a Physics, Chemistry or other science or math major, and enter Washington University after their junior or senior year.

During the three or four years at Drake the student must meet the requirements to be admitted into the professional engineering program at Washington University. After successfully completing the requirements at Drake University, the student will spend two years completing the undergraduate degree they started at Drake while also earning an undergraduate engineering degree from WUSTL. After completion of the program, the student is awarded either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree from Drake University as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in an area of Engineering from Washington University.

There are two Master’s Programs also offered: Direct admission into the Master’s Program and Master’s+B.S. plan. After completion of a non-engineering degree, qualifying students may be enrolled directly into an engineering master’s program. Financial aid is based on GPA earned at Drake. The award amount operates on a sliding scale: 3.20 is the minimum GPA to begin receiving a 10% tuition scholarship, with up to 50% of tuition awarded for those with a 3.80 GPA or higher.

For the Master’s+B.S. program the student completes an undergraduate degree from Drake and then directly enrolls into an engineering master’s program along with a undergraduate engineering program. The student earns both degrees in three years. A minimum GPA of 3.25 is typically required. For all students admitted, tuition is reduced: 50% the first year, 55% the second year and 60% the third year.

Through this program the student is able to acquire skills and knowledge from two diverse areas. The student learns valuable skills from the liberal arts school, which will give them an advantage in the engineering field, for instance, communication and problem solving skills.

Programs Offered:

  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Systems Science and Engineering

Current Catalog Information on the Engineering Dual Degree program
Prior Catalog Requirements

Core Course Requirements for Admission:

Chemistry one semester of general chemistry with lab
Computer Programming one course or certified proficiency in a high-level language (MATLAB preferred for Chemical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering)
English Composition one course, acceptable examination scores or college certification of proficiency
Humanities & Social Sciences no fewer than 15 semester hours in approved areas (must include six semester hours in Humanities and six in Social Sciences)
Mathematics a calculus sequence which includes exposure to multivariable calculus and a separate course in differential equations
Physics one year calculus-based sequence with lab
TOTAL CREDITS a minimum of 60 semester hours of transferable college credit (courses with grades below C- do not transfer)

Department Specific Requirements:

Biomedical Engineering one year biology sequence that covers cellular, molecular and developmental biology
and genetics and a second semester of general chemistry with lab
Chemical Engineering one semester of biology that covers cellular, molecular and developmental biology, a second semester of general chemistry with lab,
one semester of organic chemistry with lab (MATLAB proficiency and a course on energy and environment
from a scientific point of view are strongly recommended)
Computer Science & Computer Engineering a second computer programming course
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