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Wellmark BlueX: Technology Applied Learning Program with Drake University

Drake University and the Technology Division of Wellmark Inc. have partnered to create BlueX: Technology Applied Learning – a unique educational opportunity for First Year students for career mentoring, professional development, and eventual paid internship.  The program will span 3.5 years of a student’s time at Drake. 

During the Spring of Freshman year through the Fall of Sophomore year, a select cohort of students will participate in a formal mentorship with a Technology professional, while earning 1 credit at Drake for each of the two semesters.  

During the Spring of Sophomore year, the students will participate in a semester-long Independent Study project, choosing from a list of cutting-edge topics provided by Wellmark, while earning 13 credits from Drake.  

At the start of Junior year, students are eligible for part-time employment as interns.  Once a student is accepted as a part-time intern, they remain in the program through graduation, with automatic transition to Wellmark’s full-time summer intern program following their Junior and Senior years (should they wish to remain in the program).  

Students successfully completing the program are encouraged to apply early in their Senior year for Wellmark’s ‘Technology Associate Rotational Program’ or other full-time employment opportunities with Wellmark.

See the informational video by clicking here.

How to apply:

Submit a resume, along with brief answers to the application questions available here:Drake-WellmarkFirstYearApplication2023

Application Deadline: October 15, 2023

Students are encouraged to contact the following staff members for assistance with resumes:

Chrystal Stanley (A&S)


Annette Watson (CBPA)



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