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Implementing a Pharmacy Residency: Part Three

Written by Sue Wilhelm

Describe your involvement with the residency program and the resident.
I was actively involved in the development of the residency program, including traveling to Washington D.C. with the Program Director for Resident Learning System (RLS) training and assisting in the establishment of the program here at Marshfield Clinic. I am a preceptor for the Outpatient Pharmacy Experience, the staffing component, the longitudinal management/committee experiences and elective rotations in Dermatology and Pediatrics. I met with the various departments involved and developed the curriculum for the experiences in those locations. As the preceptor, I meet with the resident at least weekly to assess their progress, do topic discussions, and to plan for the next week.

After working with the first resident, what are your visions for the program?
I see the program expanding and the opportunity to offer more resident positions. We are continuing to learn all of the activities that residents can participate in. I look forward to working with more residents and sharing my experience, while continuing to learn from them as well.

How has the residency program helped to further develop your pharmacy?
The residency program has allowed the pharmacy to be able to take on more Medication Therapy Management patients. It has assisted in the workup and documentation for our patients so that we can continue to serve the walk-in patients at the pharmacy.

How has the residency program helped your resident develop?
Our resident has developed skills in the clinical review of Medication Therapy Management (MTM) patients. She has also experienced the day-to-day interactions with patients, helping to improve her problem- solving skills. Answering drug information questions and working on a case reviews have also aided in the development of research, writing and presentation skills. She has attended various meetings to experience the background work that is done before a project can begin. She has also further developed her professional skills through interactions with various levels of pharmacy staff and clinical departments. She has also experienced the rewards of working with individual patients and making changes that can have a positive impact on their quality of life.

Our resident has also played a key role in development of new policies and writing our Medication Safety Newsletter. In addition, she has presented at our Dermatology OTSee programs. At these programs the dermatology and the pharmacy residents present information on OTC products (eg, acne, sunscreens, dry skin therapy) and answers questions about the products that participants are then allowed to sample.

Entrepreneurial leadership requires the ability to recognize and fulfill a professional obligation to promote change, to identify and pursue opportunities for the purpose of improving patients' quality of life. How has this program personified the spirit of innovations and entrepreneurship?
The MTM program is new and still in development here at Marshfield Clinic. The pharmacy staff and our resident have all learned about the challenges involved in starting a new, innovative program.

What advice do you have for students who wish to complete a residency program?
Residency is a great opportunity to experience different aspects of pharmacy and enhance your clinical knowledge. If you are unsure about what type of pharmacy setting will be most satisfying for you professionally, take advantage of a residency and experience what the profession has to offer.

What advice do you have for other pharmacists who are interested in implementing a similar program into their pharmacy?
Starting a residency takes a great deal of time and dedication. Be sure to attend an RLS training session to learn about the program and to network with other program leaders. Work with your colleagues to share various policies and written procedures before trying to develop everything on your own. The result of having a great resident is worth all the effort and time invested.