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Entrepreneurial Leadership and Patient Care

A Review of Responses to an Impact Evaluation Survey

Renae Chesnut, RPh, MBA, EdD; Lauren Pedersen, MBA, PharmD; Denise Soltis, RPh
The DELTA Rx Institute, Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa



The DELTA Rx Institute promotes innovation and creativity in the profession of pharmacy and strives to foster individual ideas that create value for our patients and society. The DELTA Rx Institute is the foundation for an initiative in entrepreneurial leadership with pharmacy practitioners, students and faculty. Established by the Drake University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, the DELTA Rx Institute is located at

The DELTA Rx Institute developed out of a strategic initiative at Drake University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences set forth by the National Alumni Board and faculty. In 2005, a team of six faculty and staff attended the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship meeting. Following the meeting, the DELTA Rx Team was developed and began to meet regularly. This team was charged with promoting entrepreneurship in pharmacy through developing a website, beginning the process of curricular change, and reaching out to pharmacists.

The website premiered at the National Community Pharmacists Association meeting in October 2005. In 2006, grant funding was secured from the Community Pharmacy Foundation for outreach to the profession and development of new features within the website.

Discuss the entrepreneurial leadership process or ideas for projects on the leading edge of the pharmacy profession

Perspectives on people, practices, and organizations written to showcase the process used to follow their passion for creating value for patients or society

Inspiration for change and innovation in pharmacy; describe the opportunity, obstacles, successes and failures of those who undertook the venture

Resources for practice development, teaching, and leadership to enhance entrepreneurial leadership vision

Online environment for continuing education certificate programs to specialize practice or develop skills

Premium Services
Practitioners available for consultation to help you design practice innovations

Survey Project Design & Methods
A Likert scale survey to measure current perceptions of entrepreneurial activity in the pharmacy profession and the response to the DELTA Rx Institute web site was developed and distributed through a web-based application,

On May 3, 2006, the survey link was sent to:

  • DELTA Rx Institute members (238)
  • Iowa Pharmacy Association members (674)
  • Drake University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences students (791)
  • Survey request re-sent each week

The Final Response Rate was 514/1703 with 30% completing the survey by May 27, 2006. Questions were asked regarding respondent’s participants perceptions of the concept of entrepreneurial leadership and their evaluation of the DELTA Rx Institute web site.

Survey Results: The Concept of Entrepreneurial Leadership

  • 69% agree or strongly agree that “pharmacy practice needs to be more entrepreneurial”
  • 81% agree or strongly agree that “entrepreneurial leadership is important to the advancement of patient care”
  • While 69% of respondents said they “have the skills to implement new programs and affect change” only 19% have the financial resources, only 28% have the time and only 43% have the support of management needed.
  • While the majority of respondents indicated they have above average or excellent self-starting, people, money, and leadership skills, 70% rated themselves as average or below in marketing skills.
  • 80% of respondents agree or strongly agree that “academia needs to play a role in the development of entrepreneurial leadership and change in practice environments.”

Web Site Evaluation

  • Approximately 30% of respondents learned about The DELTA Rx Institute through direct marketing by Drake University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
  • Almost 65% of respondents have never visited the DELTA Rx Institute website
  • Almost 67% are likely or very likely to visit the DELTA Rx Institute website in the future.
  • 60% of applicable respondents rated the statement “has broadened the definition of entrepreneurship in my mind” as above average or excellent
  • 92% of respondents rated the site as applicable to their practice setting.
  • Approximately 90% of the respondents indicated that the material meets the needs of their practice setting, and 95% of the respondents indicated that the materials are reasonably priced.


  • Respondents felt that pharmacy practice needs to be more entrepreneurial.
  • Entrepreneurial efforts need to focus on time management, resource utilization, and development of management support.
  • For many pharmacists, marketing skills are an area for improvement.
  • The DELTA Rx Institute needs to be further promoted as a venue to share entrepreneurial ideas and techniques.
  • Collaborative marketing arrangements between academic and professional organizations should be pursued.