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Drake University Cost of Attendance Budgets

Cost of Attendance (COA) budgets estimate a student's total educationally-related expenses and are the starting point for calculating a student's financial need. It also functions as a limit on the total financial aid (including loans) a student may receive. The COA is an estimate--actual student expenses can vary significantly, especially for indirect (non-billed) costs such as transportation or personal expenses. The University's standard COA budgets are listed below. Alternatively, students can view the COA budget assigned to them within Financial Aid Self Service

2024-2025 Drake University Cost of Attendance Budgets

2023-2024 Drake University Cost of Attendance Budgets

Students may appeal for adjustments to their COA budget. Examples for why an appeal may be necessary might include requesting allowances for: a personal computer purchase, study-abroad expenses, disability-related educational expenses, dependent care expenses that occur while a student is enrolled, or reasonable educationally-related expenses a student has incurred that exceed the budgeted amount. More information about how to submit a COA budget appeal can be found here.

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