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I’m excited that you’re considering a Kinesiology major at Drake University! 

Kinesiology is a fascinating scientific discipline because of its multidimensional nature, weaving together elements from biology, chemistry, physics, and psychology. The main goal of kinesiology is to understand human movement, and then to apply that knowledge to medicine, exercise, and sports. Students of kinesiology find rewarding careers in many different arenas—since movement is a vital part of everyday life, a major in Kinesiology can lead to careers in medicine to academia, health care to industry, business to sport.

The multidimensional nature of kinesiology is reflected in our faculty because we come from diverse scientific and athletic backgrounds. Drake University students have opportunities to conduct original scientific research on novel questions side-by-side with faculty in the Kinesiology program, providing an additional layer of experience that helps make connections between the research and societal aspects of kinesiology.

If you’d like to learn more about our program, please contact me or plan a visit with the Admissions Office!

Dr. David Senchina
Program Director

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