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Maura Strassberg Profile

Professor Emeritus


Areas of Expertise

Contracts, Ethics, Sexuality Law, Sales


JD – Columbia University, Columbia Law Review
MA – Boston University (Philosophy)
BA – Swarthmore College (high honors), Phi Beta Kappa

Professional Experience

Drake Law School professor since 1991
Visiting professor at Nanjing University, China
Fordham & Starrett in Boston, MA
Clerk for The Hon. Hugh H. Bownes of the U.S. Court of Appeals, 1st Circuit

Selected Publications

  • “Can We Still Criminalize Polygamy: Strict Scrutiny Of Polygamy Laws Under State Religious Freedom Restoration Acts After Hobby Lobby,”  2016 University of Illinois Law Review 1605 (2016)
  • Scrutinizing Polygamy: Utah’s Brown v. Buhman and British Columbia’s Reference Re: Section 293, 64 Emory Law Journal 1815 (2015).
  • An Ethical Rabbit Hole: Model Rule 4.4, Intentional Interference with Former Employee Non-Disclosure Agreements and the Threat of Disqualification, Part I, 89 Nebraska Law Review 923 (2011); Part II, 90 Nebraska Law Review 141 (2011).
  • Privilege Can Be Abused: Exploring the Ethical Obligation to Avoid Frivolous Claims of Attorney-Client Privilege, 37 Seton Hall L. Rev. 413 (2007).
  • The Crime of Polygamy, 12 Temple Political and Civil Rights Law Review 353 (2003).
  • A Difference of Form or Substance: Monogamy, Polygamy and Same-Sex Marriage,” 75 North Carolina Law Review 1501 (1997)
  • “Taking Ethics Seriously: Beyond Positivist Jurisprudence in Legal Ethics,” 80 Iowa Law Review 901 (1995)

Significant Accomplishments

  • Distinguished Lecture Series, Drake Law School Constitutional Law Center, “Scrutinizing Polygamy After Obergefell and Hobby Lobby,” 2016
  • Presenter: Why the US Should Not Decriminalize Polygamy, But Should Not Criminalize Polyamory (Conference On Polygamy, Polygyny, and Polyamory, Hadassah Brandeis Institute, Waltham, MA, Nov. 8, 2010).
  • Presenter: Feminist and Hegelian Perspectives on the Legal Status of Polygamy, Polyamory and Same-Sex Marriage (Drake Center for the Humanities Colloquium Series, Des Moines, IA, March 26, 2010).
  • Presenter: Strange Bedfellows Indeed: Same-sex Marriage, Mormon Fundamentalist Polygamy, and the Oneida Community (Annual Conference for the Association for the Law, Culture and Humanities, Berkeley, CA, March 29, 2008).
  • Board Member One Iowa, Iowa Pride Network and the Galaxy Youth Center

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