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Miguel Schor Profile


Class of 1977 Distinguished Scholar and
Professor of Law


Areas of Expertise

Constitutional Law, First Amendment, Comparative Constitutionalism, Constitutional Design, Latin American Studies


MA – Tulane University
JD – Tulane University
BA – Tulane University

Selected Publications

  • American Constitutional Exceptionalism, Constitutional Identity, and American Democracy, in Deciphering the Genome of Constitutionalism: Essays on Constitutional Identity in Honor of Gary Jacobsohn (Ran Hirschl and Yaniv Roznai, eds Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2024).
  • Trumpism and the Continuing Challenges to Three Political-Constitutionalist Orthodoxies, 7 Constitutional Studies 93 (2021).
  • Democracy and Scholarly Fashions, 68 Drake Law Review 359 (2020).
  • Comparative Constitutional Theory (Gary Jacobsohn and Miguel Schor eds., Edward Elgar Press, 2018).
  • Introduction: The Comparative Turn in Constitutional Theory, in Comparative Constitutional Theory (2018) (co-authored with Professor Gary Jacobsohn).
  • Constitutional Dialogue and Judicial Supremacy, in Comparative Constitutional Theory (2018) (available on SSRN). Translated into Romanian for “The Romanian Judges’ Forum Review."
  • The Once and Future Democracy: Argentina at the Bar of Constitutionalism, in The Social and Political Foundations of Constitutions (Denis Galligan and Mila Versteeg eds., Cambridge University Press, 2013).
  • The Strange Cases of Marbury and Lochner in the Constitutional Imagination, 87 Texas Law Review 1463 (2009).

Significant Accomplishments

  • Presenter: Trumpism and the Continuing Challenges to Three Political-Constitutionalist Orthodoxies (American Society of Constitutional Law, Oct. 16, 2020).
  • Presenter: Democracy and Scholarly Fashions (Democracy and Dysfunction Conference, Drake University Law School, Des Moines, IA, Sept. 21, 2019).
  • Presenter: The Trump Presidency (The Future of Liberal Democracy, University of Texas School of Law, Austin, TX, Feb. 21-23, 2019).
  • Presenter: The Federalist as a Primer on Constitutional Design (University of Missouri School of Law, Columbia, MO, Dec. 1, 2017).

Presenter: What, if anything, can/should be learned from Publius by foreign readers in the 21st century? (Conference on Sanford Levinson, An Argument Open to All:Federalist in the 21st Century, University of Texas School of Law, Austin, TX, Jan. 23, 2016).


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