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Why Study LPS?

The LPS major prepares you for law and graduate school, as well as for entering the workforce in a variety of fields.

Emphasizing critical thinking, excellence in oral and written communication, and the ability to listen closely to multiple perspectives, the LPS degree is a rigorous and interesting way to examine law, and its relationship to social and political life.

In this major you will:

  • Participate actively as citizens in civil society;
  • Read and understand legal texts, court decisions, and theoretical writing, and use those texts effectively to convey complex ideas and arguments in writing;
  • Know and articulate the difference between law as a professional practice and law as a topic of liberal arts inquiry;
  • Demonstrate awareness of how issues of justice, morality, authority, order, legitimacy, individualism, and community create tensions within ordered social life;
  • Explain how historical development and different cultural practices, social organizations, and political systems affect law and justice around the world;
  • Examine how factors such as race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality and religion impact legal, social, and political life;
  • Deploy contemporary legal, critical, and interpretive theories in their own analyses of political, social, or legal events or situations.

Visit these links to learn more about the intersection between Law, Politics and Society and to connect with useful resources to explore the major.

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