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Jim Foster Music Student Travel and Research (STAR) Funds

Procedures for Jim Foster Music Student Travel and Research Funds (STAR) 1.15.2011

Students majoring in Music who are interested in applying for the Jim Foster STAR funds to support travel and/or research should follow this procedure. These funds are reserved for special and significant opportunities that are not part of the regular on-going academic programming at Drake.

On 1-2 pages indicate who will travel and the nature of the proposed travel for research, conference presentation, competition, or significant learning opportunity.

A. Briefly describe the activity and indicate how it fits one of these categories:

  1. Travel to present research at an academic conference.
  2. Travel to a significant performance or performing arts competition.
  3. Travel to take advantage of a significant research opportunity.
  4. Travel to participate in a significant learning opportunity that is not covered by the above categories.
  5. Note: The Foster funds are not intended to support study abroad, or credit-earning courses at other institutions.

B. Indicate how the activity is related to learning goals in an individual class or in your major program or in a co-curricular program at Drake University.

C. Secure a recommendation from the faculty member who is supervising the research, performance, or program as well as a memo of approval from the chair of the department or director of the program in which the course, program, or co-curricular activity is being conducted (these recommendations can be sent electronically).

D. Submit the above materials with a brief budget indicating the expenses to be covered to the Music Department Chair. Make sure to indicate all the possible sources of funding that you have available for the project or travel. Students should look for additional funding resources to complete their proposed activity. The deadline for proposals each academic year is March 1, although if funds are available projects will be considered for proposals made after the deadline.

The Dean and Music Department Chair will meet to discuss and approve the awards. Decisions will be based on the following:

  • Quality of the proposed project
  • Significant nature of the opportunity
  • Amount of support available to the student from other sources

E. Following a successful award students will be required to submit a brief report on their experience indicating 1) the use of funds with receipts attached for expenses, and 2) the quality of the learning/research/performance activity and what they derived from it. This report is due to the Music Department Chair no later than one month after the completion of the funded activity.


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