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President's Insider Blog

April 2022


Since my last post celebrating the public launch of The Ones: Drake’s Campaign for the Brave & Bold in December, the momentum and excitement around the campaign has built swiftly and strongly. I am pleased to share we have secured more than $125 million toward our $225 million goal. This level of support so early in the campaign shines a bright light on the shared vision and hope we have as a community for our University’s future.

The Ones will empower Drake to be more impactful than ever. In the coming months, I plan to use this blog to provide an in-depth look at each of the campaign’s seven priorities, so you can learn more about the ambitious ideas that will shape the future of Drake and meet the needs of our community. Today, I want to introduce you to The Ones Leading with Purpose: Every Bulldog A Changemaker.

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From our inception, Drake University has educated the students the world needs most. Through the campaign, we will dedicate more energy and purpose toward entrepreneurial programs and community engagement experiences to foster a generation of students who will transform lives and strengthen communities through their compassionate and dedicated leadership. Core elements of Every Bulldog A Changemaker are:

  • Changemaker Scholars: Changemaker Scholars is a four-year academic and community engagement program. Changemaker Scholars will receive hands-on learning experiences with start-ups and not-for-profit organizations, participate in tailored coursework in entrepreneurialism and leadership, and have opportunities to engage with community leaders. These students will graduate ready to collaborate with others to creatively solve problems in their careers and communities.
  • Business Innovation: There is a growing expectation that businesses and corporations will take a leadership role in addressing society’s most pressing issues. With support from The Ones, the College of Business and Public Administration will prepare future business leaders who have the expertise and skills to drive change in the private sector.
  • Community-Engaged Learning: Community-engaged learning experiences—including research, internships, travel seminars, and community-based activities—better prepare students to thrive in today’s complex and challenging world. The Changemaker priority will elevate and integrate community-engaged learning across all academic programs, making it a signature strength of a Drake education.

The Changemaker initiative is just one of the many ways Drake University is embracing and empowering innovation, achievement, and opportunity for our students and communities. I am grateful for your support, which enables our students to make a positive difference in the world.

Our impressive progress toward campaign goals is certainly not the only thing to be excited about this spring. I am sure you would agree that it has been far too long since we have been able to gather on campus for Drake Relays and this year marks a return to our regular traditions and then some. The street will be painted, the tents will be up, and spirits will be high as we welcome back all our alums the final weekend of April. We are especially excited to recognize the classes of 1970, ’71, and ’72 for their well-deserved 50th reunion celebrations. I look forward to seeing you around the blue oval and at the many events planned for this joyous weekend. 


Marty Martin

President, Drake University