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Drake Students Receiving Fulbright Scholarships

2022-2023    Emily Kellogg Spain, teaching English
2022-2023 Katie Lajoie Mexico, teaching English
2022-2023 Kathlyn Wagner Taiwan, teaching English
2020-2021  Madelyn Bjork  Bulgaria, teaching English 
2020-2021 Margaret Nervig Slovakia, teaching English
2019-2020 Ashley Blazek Malaysia, teaching English
2019-2020 Elena Hildebrandt Malaysia, teaching English
2019-2020 Emma Muth Indonesia, teaching English
2019-2020 Hallie O'Neill Czech Republic, teaching English
2019-2020 Karen Williams Belgium, research at Ghent University
2018-2019 Meghan Walters Bulgaria, teaching English
2017-2018  Elena Dietz Indonesia, teaching English
2017-2018 Ankita Dhussa India, research on women and urban public transportation
2017-2018 Nathan Jacobson Bulgaria, teaching English
2017-2018 Kelly Leatherman Malaysia, teaching English
2016-2017 Emily Enquist Bulgaria, teaching English
2016-2017 Taylor Donaldson Morocco, teaching English
2015-2016 McKenzie Leier Malaysia, teaching English
2015-2016 Alessa Strelecki South Korea, teaching English
2015-2016 Brianna Shawhan Bulgaria, teaching English
2014-2015 Erin Hassanzadeh South Korea, teaching English
2014-2015 Nicole O'Connor Malaysia, teaching English
2014-2015 Nora Sullivan Bulgaria, teaching English
2013-2014 Steven Schaaf Jordan, research on women in judiciary
2013-2014 Amelia Piecuch Chile, research on new fishing law
2013-2014 Amanda Laurent South Korea, teaching English
2013-2014 Kathryn Bell Colombia, teaching English
2012-2013 Kate Albrecht Poland, teaching English
2012-2013 Lindsay Whorton Finland, research on education and labor relations
2012-2013 Anna DeVries Indonesia, teaching English
2011-2012 Pamela Pearson Rwanda, research
2011-2012 Rachel Shulruf Brazil, teaching English
2011-2012 Ellen Bastian Russia, research on agricultural communities
2010-2011 Marina Yakhnis Ukraine, research on Crimean Tatars' memories in exile
2009-2010 Karli-Jo Storm Azerbaijian, teaching English
2009-2010 Alexa Horwart Indonesia, teaching English
2009-2010 Amy Benes South Korea, teaching English
2008-2009 Linda Yang Hong Kong, teaching English
2008-2009 Kathryn Seckman Morocco, research on women in Moroccan parliament
2007-2008 Lauren Smith South Korea, teaching English
2006-2007 Brittany Buchholtz Jordan, research on maternal identity and women's health initiative
2006-2007 Jessica Ernst Thailand, teaching English
2006-2007 Linda Knoll Mexico, business initiative
2005-2006 Lauren Derebey South Korea, teaching English
2004-2005 Shalene Breci South Korea, teaching English
2004-2005 Mira Yusef Philippines, research on Middle Eastern women in domestic service
2000-2001 Amanda Kellenbarger Austria, research on literary and biographical women's studies
1997-1998 Crist Chensvold Germany, research on European Union immigration policy
1985-1986 Donna Wiss Poland, research in sociology
1985-1986 Merrick Zirtzman Peru, research in demography
1984-1985 Michael Mitchell Peru, research in journalism
1976-1977 Lance Rahlson Austria, research in musical instrument training
1964-1965 Kristi Metcalf West Germany, research in voice
1963-1964 Michaelyn Brenton India, teaching English
1961-1962 George Ludlow Denmark, research in muscial instrument training
1959-1960 Constance Cowan Netherlands, research in muscial instrument training
 1955-1956 Harold Swanson Norway, research in biology


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