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Compliments, Comments and Complaints

The following form is provided for members of the Drake campus community to provide input to Drake Public Safety in assessing and monitoring its service to the community. This form is for use by faculty, staff and students to:

  • Compliment the department on positive experiences,
  • Comment on a security issue or share ideas to improve Campus Security, or to file a
  • Complaint regarding a negative security related experience.

Complaints will be acknowledged, investigated and appropriate action taken in a timely manner under Security's investigation guidelines. A summary of complaints will be prepared and provided on an annual basis to the Vice President of Business and Finance and the President of the University.

Would you like to be contacted with a reply? yes no

Please be assured that anonymous complaints will be investigated. Having a name or resource to contact, however, can further assist us in completing a thorough investigation.

Please offer your compliment, comment or complaint below. If you are lodging a complaint, please provide detailed information regarding the incident, time, location, witnesses and any other pertinent information that will aid our investigation:

If you are using this form to register a complaint, please list any witnesses and their phone numbers:

Thank you.


Public Safety Contacts

In an Emergency Dial -  515-271-2222  to contact Public Safety

Special Events

If you need service for a special events, please contact:

Captain Mark Risvold, Special Events Coordinator
Phone: 515-271-3578


If you have questions about parking, please consult the Parking Map, or if you need further assistance please contact:

Tricia McKinney, Assistant Director Campus Public Safety
Phone: 515-271-2100

General Questions and/or Concerns

For general questions and concerns on Public Safety, please contact:

Scott Law, Director for Campus Public Safety
Phone: 515-271-3860



Policy Statement


Drake Public Safety,
    non-emergency - 515-271-2222

- Des Moines police, fire, ambulance,
     emergency - 911

-  Des Moines police,
     non-emergency 515-283-4811

- Student Health Center  

- Employee Assistance Program

Title IX