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Notice of Award

The first formal indication that a sponsored award has been funded is usually in the form of an agency "Notification of Award." This notice may be sent directly to Sponsored Programs Administration & Research Compliance (SPARC), to the Principal Investigator (PI), the President, or the Provost.

The Notice of Award will include:

  • Dates of the budget period or other specified funding period
  • Amount of funds awarded and authorized spending
  • General terms and conditions applicable to the award
  • Schedule for filing programmatic and financial reports

Sometimes the Notice of Award is in the form of a contract, letter, or check.

Verbal notification from the funding agency is not sufficient for Business and Finance to authorize work to proceed. Under most circumstances the Notice of Award must be received by SPARC before the project can begin or anticipated funds may be expended. Sometimes there are Letters of Agreement that must be signed by an authorized representative of the University.

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