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Dr. Jerry Parker

Dean of StudentsWelcome to Drake University! The Division of Student Affairs is comprised of a team of dedicated professionals who specialize in student development, and we are excited you have taken the time to review our division’s website and resources.  Drake is an exceptional institution that empowers its students to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to their college experience.  We are proud to offer over 160 student organizations providing you with an array of opportunities to lead and serve in various capacities.   Your co-curricular involvement at Drake will aid you by turning theory into practice – this is why Drake’s students and alumni top the charts when it comes to our accomplishment rate and highest median income compared to every other institution in the state ten years out of school.  Most importantly, our students leave Drake having a greater understanding of the diversity that shapes our world.  We pride ourselves in facilitating difficult conversations and challenging each other to be open to our differences while still respecting each other as Drake Bulldogs.  We don’t simply graduate students; we graduate students that go on to become civic-minded professionals. 

My highest priority as the Chief Student Affairs Officer is to ensure our campus community allows students to succeed academically, personally, and professionally.   Our Division provides many on-campus and off-campus resources to do all that we can to support you through your academic journey at Drake.  As you review our website, please be sure to take a few minutes to click through our departments in order to become more familiar with all our resources. 

Lastly, I empower each and every student to join me and my colleagues in promoting an environment of inclusiveness and diversity, respect, rapport, and civility in order to keep the Drake experience as vibrant as our students.  Together, let us work together to make your time at Drake the very best it can be! 

Go Bulldogs!

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