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Student Affairs Complaint Procedures


The purpose of the Student Complaint procedure is to provide Drake students a clear and rational process to follow if there are complaints about a particular individual or department in the Division of Student Affairs.  The departments in Student Affairs include the following:

  • Dean of Students Office
  • Greek Life
  • Student Life Center (SLC)
  • Counseling Center*
  • Health Center
  • Residence Life
  • Student Inclusion, Involvement & Leadership
  • Student Organizations
  • Student Conduct

Students have the right at any time to file a complaint against another student, staff, faculty, or department when she or he believes they were mistreated or when they feel their rights were violated.  These procedures are designed to support students as they encounter certain challenges and obstacles while pursuing their studies at Drake University. 

Informal Complaint

Students are encouraged to address their concerns as soon as possible through an informal process by contacting the department or the individuals directly involved.   In some cases what is perceived to be a wrong doing is often an issue of miscommunication and misunderstanding.  Therefore, students are encouraged to informally speak with the individuals involved if possible. We recognize that there may be situations in which an official complaint should be filed.

Formal Complaint

If students are unable to resolve their concerns through an Informal Complaint Procedure, students are then encouraged to file a Formal Complaint by completing the Student Complaint Tracking form in writing with the department supervisor and with the Dean Students Office at 205 Old Main. 

Anonymous Complaints 

Drake University is committed to fair and ethical principles, practices and conduct in all business and academic relationships. The University’s trustees, officers, faculty and staff are expected to model the highest standards of ethical behavior and stewardship. To facilitate and protect this commitment, the University has contracted with EthicsPoint to manage a confidential hotline which provides an anonymous way to report situations that may represent financial misconduct or violations of local, state or federal law or University policies.


The Dean of Students Office serves as an advocate for all students and any student wishing to express concerns about their Drake experience should feel free to contact the Dean of Students Office at (515) 271-2835.

* Students wishing to file complaints with the Counseling Center will need to sign an information release at the corner of 32nd and Carpenter.

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