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Sexual Assault Prevention: Sexual & Interpersonal Misconduct Online Education Program

Drake University strives to create a respectful, safe, and non-threatening environment where its members are able to live, study, and work free from sexual and interpersonal misconduct. In keeping with this goal, Drake is requiring all students to complete an online educational program on sexual and interpersonal violence prevention. This effort also complies with the Violence Against Women Act and the Office for Civil Rights federal guidelines. Students want to live and learn within a campus community that is safe and respectful, so keeping Drake a safe space is a responsibility we all share.

We are using a convenient online format through Everfi’s Sexual Assault Prevention™ , designed to help inform and educate students on these important issues.

Because of the importance of its content, this course is required for ALL students at Drake. Students may not register for the spring semester until it is completed. Please complete the online educational program to avoid having a hold put on your registration. 

The training contains sensitive material involving sexual and interpersonal violence. While trigger warnings and resources are provided throughout the program, we understand such programming may be problematic for some viewers. Please contact the Violence Prevention Coordinator at for support and/or to discuss alternatives for training.

Please note: you will not receive a waiver based on a high level of knowledge of this topic or previous training participation.


Helpful Tips

  • You will need Internet access and audio capabilities; to avoid technical issues, use any major web browser released within the previous two years.
  • Although the completion time is estimated at 45 minutes- 1 hour, you may take Part 1 of the course in multiple sittings by saving any previous work in the program. Sections end with a “Next” button. DO NOT log out until you click the “Next” button or you will have to repeat the section.

Deadlines and Requirements

  • Complete all Part 1 training. Students who do not complete the training will have a hold placed on their spring registration.
  • Part 1 includes:
    • Intro Text & Pre-Survey: Questions regarding personal beliefs, knowledge, and ideas answered on a scale, then questions regarding personal history/demographics answered in multiple-choice format. (Only the personal history/demographic questions may be skipped.)
    • Pre-Quiz: Questions on general knowledge answered in multiple-choice format.
    • Seven Interactive Modules: These include videos, quizzes, and reading about various topics: Introduction, Connections, Be Yourself, Join the Conversation, Creating Community, Explore Your Options, and Next Steps.
    • Post-Quiz: The same questions regarding knowledge as pre-quiz. 

Two follow-up email will be sent to those that have not enrolled, have enrolled, but not completed the Sexual Assault Prevention online course by the middle of September for a reminder.

After you complete the post-quiz, there is 45-day waiting period before you can access the follow-up survey (Part 2.) Part 2 is encouraged, but not part of the requirement.

If you choose to take Part 2, it may be completed at any time before the end of the Fall semester. Students who complete Part 2 by finals week of the fall semester will be entered in a drawing for a gift card for merchandise at the University Bookstore.

Additional Resources

  • National, state, local, and University resources are available throughout Haven under the “Materials” tab found in the top menu bar. Please look at these resources and use them if needed. Also included are “Student Leadership Opportunities” with information on ways to get involved in anti-violence campus work.

Need help?

  • If you experience technical difficulties, 24/7 help is available through the Sexual Assault Prevention online course “Help” link. The Drake staff is not available to assist with problems within the program. Students do not have to be logged in to access the Technical Support Center. Students may browse a knowledge base for self-help or request support by accessing our toll-free technical support line at 1-866-384-9062.

See the FAQ for more information on the the Sexual Assault Prevention online course program, requirements, and troubleshooting.

Report to Title IX
Contact Drake Public Safety
Confidential Resources

Quick contacts to reach confidential support

  • VIP student support or advocacy
    515-512-2972 (call or text)
  • Polk County Crisis and Advocacy
  • Professional advocate at the Counseling Center 
        - Wednesdays 3:00-4:30 during fall & spring term