Women's & Gender Studies

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Women's and Gender Studies Concentration


Students who complete a Concentration in Women's and Gender Studies choose from many disciplines to complete their requirements and are encouraged to explore gender through the lens of multiple academic fields.

The WGS concentration consists of an introductory course, a practicum, and four core courses chosen from offerings in our affiliated disciplines, including anthropology, education, English, history, LPS, philosophy, politics, psychology, religion, rhetoric, and sociology. The concentration also includes a practicum—either an internship or an independent study—to provide students with professional preparation and opportunities to explore specific interests in greater depth. Students should work closely with their advisors to select courses that support their personal and professional aspirations and to determine what form of practicum best suits their educational and career objectives.

Catalog Requirements for the Women's and Gender Studies Concentration

WGS Concentration Requirements

Women's and Gender Studies Checklist





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