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Rainbow Union (RU)

Created to provide a social and supportive environment for a vibrant population of Drake’s campus, RU has become a leading campus organization. The continuing emphasis on programming and education culminates in two annual celebrations: National Coming Out Week and Pride Week. RU also celebrates Ally Day and brings attention to Transgender Day of Remembrance and Day of Silence. RU persists to support those dealing with issues of sexuality and gender, resists homophobia through example and education, and strives to prevent heterosexism in our lives and on our campus. RU invites ALL students to join and participate and makes no assumptions about a person’s sexuality in our safe space.

Meetings are held every Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. in CAYA House, 1155 28th Street, and are open to all. For more information, contact Ann Radtke or connect with RU on Facebook.

Student Activists for Gender Equality (SAGE)

SAGE is an organization devoted to advocacy of gender issues in the Drake community and beyond. SAGE works to promote and voice the opinions and issues of women all over the world. SAGE strives to make the world a more equal and safe place for all. We celebrate the unification, dedication, and spirit of all individuals along the spectrums of sex and gender.

Meetings are held every Monday at 9:00 p.m. in CAYA House, 1155 28th Street, and are open to all. For additional information, contact Mollie Clark.

Drake University Voice of Choice

The purpose of this organization is to stimulate interest in and foster knowledge of and respect for reproductive health and justice. Voice of Choice promotes choice in reproductive health matters including contraception and abortion, responsible sexual lifestyles, and respect for the sexual and sexual-health related choices of others through education, activism, and dialogue.

For more information, contact Clio Cullison.

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