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Area Education Agencies and other partners

Iowa has nine Area Education Agencies (AEAs). The function of each AEA is to serve as an intermediate unit between the Department of Education, school districts, and local schools. Each AEA offers media services, special education services, and general educational services.

The AEAs found below partner with Drake Continuing Education & Professional Development to offer graduate credit to area educators enrolled in professional development courses. These courses are reviewed and approved by the Drake School of Education's Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies department. More than 2,100 courses are offered each year.

Please check with your AEA, school district or the Iowa BOEE to confirm that each course you want to take will meet your individual requirements.

Drake AEA Contacts

EDMA Credit Information for Instructors

Links to our AEA Partners

Other Educational Partners

Graduate Credit Information

Drake University offers two types of courses through the states Area Education Agencies. These courses may be used in the following ways:

  • Renewal of teaching certificates
  • Advancement on local salary schedules
  • Elective credits toward graduate degree programs

Are all credits applicable in these three ways?

Answer: No.

The two types of course designations are EDMA and EDEX. Both are eligible for renewal of teaching certificates and advancement on local salary schedules. Graduate credit rules for these course types are as follows:

  • Courses that have a number starting with EDMA (Educational Masters) may be transferred into one or more Drake University School of Education graduate programs (with advisor approval).
  • Courses that have a number starting with EDEX (Educational Extension) may be applicable towards recertification or salary advancement. Refer to your state or local guidelines. These courses are not transferable into degree programs.

For information pertaining to certification or transfer of credit, it is important you check in advance with your university adviser or local/state guidelines as applicable.

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