The aphorism "History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes"* captures the beauty and intent of the discipline.

Not only do students of history mine stories of the past to uncover the workings of human societies, but also they use that knowledge to take on today’s world as critically engaged and analytically skilled citizens.

Drake’s History Department locates itself in this tradition. Students who study history at Drake can expect:

  • classes that grapple with challenging historical problems and that train students to read, write, and discuss historical evidence analytically
  • to develop a global historical understanding
  • the chance to work with approachable faculty who are active in their fields of expertise

Our department’s eight full-time faculty are committed to providing you with exceptional learning experiences that combine historical analysis and skill acquisition with pre-professional training and career development.

* Often attributed to nineteenth-century author Mark Twain, there is little evidence that the famous wordsmith uttered this aphorism. While Twain made comments similar to this view of history, according to The Dictionary of Modern Proverbs, the saying first appeared in print in 1970. 

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April 29, 2016
When Brytani Cavil addresses Drake University’s graduating class of 2016 as the top graduating senior, she aims to inspire more than her fellow students. She hopes to set an example for her two-year-old twins.