Transfer Credit Information

Graduate students: please work with your college/school to determine course transferability.

How many credit hours can I transfer as an undergraduate student?

A cumulative total of 66 semester hours of credit from all two-year institutions attended may be applied to a degree. To satisfy residency requirements, a maximum of 94 hours may be applied toward a Drake degree (179 hours for Pharmacy). A minimum of 30 hours must be completed at Drake. A maximum of 16 semester hours of vocational-technical credit may be granted at the discretion of the Drake college or school in which you enroll. If credit is granted, the Dean's office will notify the Student Records Office about posting the credits on your Drake record upon enrollment. These credits will not appear on your original transfer credit evaluation report.

As a current student, I’d like to take a few classes over the summer or on-line during the semester. What do I need to know?

Please check with your college/school office first. You may need to request permission to take the course(s). That process will also provide the assurance that the course will contribute toward one of your degree requirements.

Transfer students may receive credit for academic courses taken at postsecondary institutions that were regionally accredited at the time the courses were taken. Courses accepted for transfer credit must parallel courses offered at Drake University or otherwise be appropriate for college-level credit. You may transfer up to 94 academic semester credit hours for all majors except pharmacy, which accepts up to 178 credits. A maximum of 66 semester hours of credit may be transferred from two-year institutions. Up to 16 credit hours of career- or vocational-technical courses may be accepted at the discretion of the assistant or associate dean of the Drake college or school in which you want to enroll. A minimum of 30 semester hours must be completed while in residence to earn a Drake degree.

If you are interested in completing course work through an Iowa Community College, you can find Course Equivalency Guides on this site.

Transfer college work earns credit only and is not included in computing the Drake University cumulative GPA. Students cannot remove unsatisfactory grades received at Drake by repeating those courses at other institutions and transferring the credit to Drake.

Once transfer credit has been applied, you can view the equated course information on blueView in your unofficial transcript (see the blueView How To page for additional information).

What courses will transfer to Drake?

Transfer students may receive credit for academic courses taken at postsecondary institutions that were regionally accredited at the time the courses were taken. Courses accepted for transfer credit must parallel courses offered at Drake University or otherwise be appropriate for college-level credit. If you have attended another accredited institution, academic courses in which you earned a grade of "C-" or better can be considered for transfer. You will need to request that the college or university mail a transcript to the appropriate office on campus (please see list below). Please view our Course Equivalency Guides for more information.

Some courses may be considered vocational or technical (career-specific). Those courses may be reviewed by your Drake University Dean’s office for applicability.

Transfer credit will not be granted for the following: courses that provide developmental or support topics, ESL courses, professional development certifications, test outs or experiential learning granted by other institutions.

If you earned a non-letter grade such as a P or an S, credit can be granted if the policy of the institution equates those grades only to work completed at C- grade or better.

Click here to access a list of previously equated courses from other institutions.

Does Drake accept College Level Examination Program (CLEP), International Baccalaureate (IB), or Advanced Placement (AP) credits?

Please see our site with that information found here. If you’ve completed an exam that is not listed, please contact the Student Records Office. You will need to request that the organization send scores directly to Drake University’s Student Records Office. We cannot grant credit off of transcripts from other institutions.

Where do I mail my transcript?

Please note that we will NOT accept transcripts unless we receive them directly from the other institution.  Please use the following attention line and building with the standard Drake University address:

Drake University
Student Records Office
2507 University Ave
Des Moines, IA 50311

If you’d like to send your transcript electronically, please have the institution email it directly to

Transcript purpose Send Attention to Building
Current Drake Students Student Records Old Main
Study abroad while a Drake student Drake International The Point
Reenroll Students Student Records Old Main
Undergraduate Admission prior to your first class at Drake Undergraduate Admission Cole Hall
Graduate Admission- Education Graduate Admission- Education School of Education Building
Graduate Admission- College of Business & Public Administration Graduate Admission- CBPA Aliber Hall
Law School Admission Drake Law School Office of Admission Cartwright Hall
Cross Enrollment Students DMACC and Grand View should provide an official transcript to Drake at the end of each semester, but they may run on a different timeline than Drake. If your transfer credit has not been posted to your unofficial transcript one month after the end of the DMACC or Grand View semester ends, contact the Drake Student Records Office first.  

I’m not seeking a degree at Drake, but I have taken courses at Drake and have credits from other institutions that I need to have validated. Can you post them to my record?

We cannot post transcript course work for non-degree seeking students. Credits from international institutions may be reviewed by organizations such as the ECE or WES to assist you in validating and evaluating the courses. They offer different levels of evaluation, so be sure to carefully read their list of services.

Can you mail a copy of my transcript from another institution when I request a Drake transcript?

A transcript is a snapshot of record at a single point in time, so only the originating institution knows the current details of your record there. Most organizations would not accept transcripts from a third party, so Drake does not release transcripts from other institutions. Please contact the originating institution for release of their records. If you attended an Iowa college or school of nursing that is no longer in existence, the University of Iowa maintains their records.

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