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Spring tutoring will be available starting on Monday, February 5. Peer tutoring is available to Drake students at no charge. Tutoring is most beneficial for students who are actively participating in classes. Tutoring is not intended to be a substitute for consistent class attendance. The availability of in-person and virtual tutoring will vary by subject and can be confirmed in Starfish when you schedule your appointment.

Students can click here to sign in to Starfish and access instructions for Scheduling Tutoring in the following subjects:



We have done a soft launch for Accounting tutoring this spring. If you are interested in becoming an Accounting tutor, please apply on Handshake.

For an updated schedule, please view Starfish.







6-8 PM 

  Lily John   Lily & John

Actuarial Science

Actuarial Science - Adam Bowers Center (Aliber Hall lower level)

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday 
6-7 PM  Jameson   Trevor Jameson 
7-8 PM  Jameson Shun Trevor Jameson
8-9 PM  Jameson Shun Trevor Jameson
9-10 PM   Shun    


Biology 013 - Cowles Library, lower level at bottom of stairs 

  Sunday Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday 
4-5 PM 

4:30 PM

5-6 PM    5:30 PM Zach   Sydney   
6-7 PM          Ruth

In addition, there will be tutoring available on Tuesdays from 4:30 - 5:30 PM in preparation for exams. The exact dates can be found on Starfish. 


Biology 018 - Cowles Library, lower level - nearest room 045

  6-8 PM



Chemistry (General) - Cowles Library, lower level

  Sunday Tuesday (except exam days) Wednesday 
6-9 PM  Sydney Avery Ana


Chemistry (Organic) - Cowles Library, lower level

  Sunday Monday Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday (except exam days)
5-6 PM  Fritz Kyle      
6-7 PM  Fritz Kyle Ella Gabi Stacy
7-8 PM  Fritz Kyle Ella Gabi Stacy
8-9 PM      Ella Gabi Stacy



Economics - David J. Noble American Equity Center (Aliber Hall lower level)

  Monday Thursday 
6-8 PM  Chase Anna

Math/Computer Science

Math/Computer Science (CS) – Cowles Library 201 

The Math/CS tutoring lab operates on a walk-in basis. Come work with your peers and utilize the tutors for any questions that come up while you're studying. 

  Sunday  Monday  Tuesday Wednesday
6-9 PM  Sophia, Sophie, & Lane  Alex, Lane & Tristan Eric, Alex, & Evan Alex, Lane, & Tristan

Math tutoring is available for Math 017, 020, 028, 050, 070, 080, and 100

CS tutoring is available for CS 065, CS 066, and CS 067


Physics – Cowles Library, lower level  

5-7 PM 

Music Theory

Please email the tutors directly to schedule; scheduling is not available on Starfish. 

Jordan Crespo (Tutor in MUS 001 – 004 and MUS 051 - 054)

Caitlyn Dean – (Tutor in MUS 001 – 004)

Alec Gabel – (Tutor in MUS 001, 003, 051 and 053)

Mac Muehlberger (Tutor in MUS 001 – 004 and MUS 051 - 054)


Spanish - Cowles Library, lower level


5:30-6:30 PM 


11 AM - Noon 

Chloe  Chloe 


Statistics - Cowles Library, lower level

Monday 4-6 PM  Jaired 

Additional tutoring services are available through the Speaking Center and Writing Center.

Speaking Center

Speaking Center tutors have experience and training in speech pedagogy and are prepared to assist students when selecting and narrowing topics, organizing ideas, drafting and revising an outline, preparing visual aids, and practicing delivery. The Speaking Center’s staff also facilitates access to research and resources that can help speakers and presenters.A variety of tutoring appointments are available between the hours of 10:00 am and 10:00 pm, Monday-Friday.

Visit to schedule a personal meeting with a tutor. Appointments are scheduled for 30 minutes each, and students are encouraged to schedule multiple times while preparing for a single event if they wish. Any questions or concerns should be directed to

Writing Center

The Writing Center is a tutoring center to help you with your many writing needs. If you are working on an essay, report, or research paper, the Writing Center can help. The Writing Center is directed by a faculty member and staffed by undergraduate students who are trained to tutor. They are also experienced writers and friendly critics. You may visit a tutor by appointment or establish a time to meet a tutor on a regular basis. 

Writing Center Flyer

Please click here to schedule an appointment and learn more about the Writing Center.

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