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Fall 2022 Tutoring 

Beginning on Tuesday, September 6, Drake's peer tutors will be ready to assist you with your academics. Tutoring is available to Drake students at no charge. Tutoring is most beneficial for students who are actively participating in classes. Tutoring is not intended to be a substitute for consistent class attendance. 

Students can click here to sign in to Starfish and access instructions for Scheduling Tutoring in the following subjects:

Additional tutoring services are available through the Speaking Center and Writing Center.

Music Theory Tutors: 

Kaylin Vos -  Phineas Pope -

Students are encouraged to schedule in-person when possible. Virtual options remain avaialable for students who are unable to meet in-person. 

Not finding the help you need? Complete our Tutoring Request Form and someone from Access & Success will be in touch via email. 

If you have any questions, please email Brooke Sanders (, Access & Success Coordinator. 

Accounting - Accounting Lab (Aliber 001)

6:00 PM to 8:00 PM Adam  & Matthew   David  & Francisco   Ellie &  David   Adam & Kiernan 
8:00 PM to10:00 PM Megan  & Matthew   David  & Francisco  Megan  & Ellie    

Actuarial Science – Adam Bowers Center (Aliber Hall lower level)

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday
5 Jameson Ben  Jameson Ben 
5:30 Jameson Ben  Jameson Ben 
6 Jameson Landon  Jameson Landon 
6:30 Jameson Landon  Jameson Landon 
7 Jameson Landon    Landon 
7:30 Jameson Landon    Landon 
8 Jameson Landon    Landon 
8:30 Jameson Landon    Landon 

Biology -  Cowles Library, lower level 

Biology tutoring is offered in group sessions of up to 5 students. Please use Starfish to schedule. Walk-in support may not be available.

BIO 012  Sunday  12 - 1 PM  Claire 
  Sunday  4:30 - 5:30 PM  Ally 
BIO 095  Sunday  6-8 PM  Ayla
BIO 117 Sunday  6-8 PM  Evelyn 
BIO 129  Sunday 

7-8 PM 

8-9 PM



BIO 018  Tuesday 8-9 PM  Avery
BIO 140  Thursday 3:30 - 5:30 PM  Gabe 

Chemistry (General) -  Cowles Library, lower level 

  Monday  Wednesday  Thursday 
4 Melia   Isabelle 
4:30 Melia    Isabelle 
5 Jake    
5:30 Jake  Jake   
6 Jake Jake Ana
6:30 Jake/ Isabelle


7 Isabelle Melia Ana
7:30 Isabelle Melia Ana
8 Isabelle Melia  Ana
8:30     Ana

Chemistry (Organic) -  Cowles Library, lower level   

  Monday  Tuesday Wednesday 
4 Dani   Dani
4:30 Dani   Dani
5 Dani    
5:30 Dani Fritz Isaac
6 Ally Fritz Isaac
6:30 Ally  Fritz Isaac
7 Ana Fritz Isaac
7:30 Ana Fritz Isaac
8 Ana Fritz Ally 
8:30 Ana   Ally 

Economics - David J. Noble American Equity Center (Aliber Hall lower level)

  Monday  Tuesday 
6-8 PM  Anna Faith 

Math/Computer Science – Cowles Library, lower level

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
1-2:00 pm Jacob Sam Jacob  Sam  
2-3:00 pm Jacob Jackson & Sam Jacob Jackson & Sam  
3-4:00 pm Jackson Jackson      
4-5:00 pm Daniel        
5-6:00 pm Chandler  Mateo Mateo  Mateo Daniel
6-7:00 pm Chandler  Mateo & Sydney Mateo Mateo Daniel
7-8:00 pm Chandler (online) Sydney & Chandler  Mateo Daniel
Daniel (online)
8-9:00 pm Chandler (online) Sydney & Chandler  Daniel  
Chandler (online)  

Physics – Cowles Library, lower level  

4:30- 6:30 PM  Trevin 

Spanish - Cowles Library, lower level

Day Time Tutor 
Tuesdays  2 - 2:50 PM  Carmon 
Wednesdays  12:30 - 1:20 PM  Carmon 


Statistics - Cowles Library, lower level 

4-6 PM  Parker 

The availability of in-person and virtual tutoring will vary by subject and can be confirmed in Starfish when you schedule your appointment. 

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