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Stay on top of your finances with GradReady at Drake!

You’ve come to Drake to set your life on a path toward success. You made a decision to take 4 very important years of your life and devote them to academic rigor, creating lifelong relationships, and developing yourself into a well-rounded person. 

Part of that important personal development is building and honing your skills as a money manager.

Believe it or not, the wise financial decisions you make today will lead to a financially fit tomorrow. And GradReady can help.

What is GradReady you ask?

It’s a website with cool videos, interactive resources, and helpful tools that will:  

  • Make keeping a budget easy (and save you time)
  • Transform you into a master of credit and student loans
  • Offer financial advice for today (rent, banking, weekend money)
  • Keep you focused on tomorrow (the power of a great credit score, a car!, a mortgage!)   
  • Empower you with ways to save money, deny “easy” credit, and protect your future
  • Develop your personalized college financing plan
  • Fill you in on student loan repayment tips and help you manage loans after school

In other words, GradReady is your go-to personal finance buddy. 

Since you’re here, why not get started?!

Within just a few minutes on the site, you’ll be able to

  • Gauge your student loan and other debt and explore options to make it more manageable
  • Take a quiz (studying not required) to measure your current money fluency
  • Start building your budget

So dive in. No heavy lifting required.

Use GradReady on a 10 minute study break or when you have more time to get serious.

Be ready for financial success with GradReady.

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August 17, 2018
Neil M. Gorsuch, Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, gave a special lecture to approximately 350 Drake Law students, faculty, and staff on Aug. 16.