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Want to put your brains and creativity to work for a client or cause? Explore Advertising, the exciting marriage of art and commerce!

You’ll learn to combine critical thinking with creativity to deliver strategic messages to a targeted audience on behalf of a client. You can specialize in either the creative or the account management side of the business, but you’ll develop a foundation in both. And you’ll be immersed in active learning that has you thinking and creating.

Depending on your interests and aspirations, you might choose a double major or dual degree in graphic design, business, marketing, or psychology.

A group of Advertising students working together in a computer lab.

During your senior year, you'll collaborate with other Advertising students to produce a complete and fully integrated multimedia campaign for a real-world business client—a powerful piece for your professional portfolio.

You can be an advertising copywriter, account executive, researcher, digital producer, media planner or social media strategist. You can work for an ad agency or for a brand team, for corporations, nonprofits, media or trade organizations. Talented copywriters; media planners, who determine the most effective ways that businesses can communicate with their target audiences, and strategic thinkers who can communicate across all media platforms are in high demand.

Advertising Faculty

Professor Sandy Henry has more than 20 years of experience in creative advertising, marketing and video production. She has won many awards for her work, including Addys, Tellys, NAMAs and CASE awards.

Associate Professor Dorothy Pisarski has extensive professional experience in marketing and advertising, in both consumer and industrial products. She worked for Philip Morris USA in Manhattan and for several years in marketing in the automotive industry.