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Our Students

The College of Arts and Sciences develops in its students qualities that make them effective participants in society.

Specifically, the college strives to help you:‌

  • Acquire knowledge and understanding in arts and sciences disciplines; Students engaged in systematic and intensive study of the disciplines comprising the arts and sciences achieve a mastery of essential facts and insights that enable them to live knowledgeably, participate intelligently in political and social affairs, appreciate their natural and cultural environments, and pursue successfully vocations consistent with their interests.

  • Develop personal abilities; Arts and sciences students acquire competence in the skills needed for extending their knowledge, understanding and appreciation throughout the range of human interest. They develop the ability to reason effectively by applying critical analysis and constructive solutions to problems as they arise and proficiency in presenting information and expressing judgments in an interchange of opinion. They prepare to contribute to society through clear thinking, creativity and aptitude for participating in decision-making.

  • Establish a place in society; Arts and sciences students gain an understanding of the nature and practical significance of the total environment. They become acquainted with persistent problems and anticipate social problems and possible solutions. They also develop an appreciation of the values that one discovers through one's own creative expressions and interpretations in such forms of art as literature, drama, music, painting and sculpture.

Studies in the Arts and Sciences lead to a readiness to make wise adaptations to new conditions and aid in the selection of a vocation that is based on one's well-balanced qualifications.

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