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Diversity and Inclusion

Mindful of our world's history and of our hopes for the future, Drake strives to welcome, include and empower students, faculty and staff from all backgrounds. We want all campus members to feel that they belong at Drake and that Drake belongs to them. We work to create an environment in which differences are valued as a source of knowledge and enrichment. We all have a lot to learn from each other. Making this aspiration a reality is the responsibility of all of us.

Drake celebrates both the identities that make each of us unique and the common interests and values that bring us all together. Our world needs educated, engaged citizens who understand both their own and others' perspectives and who actively work to solve problems collaboratively. A Drake education is intended to help students see themselves as members of multiple, diverse communities, from the local to the global, and to know how to interact thoughtfully with people from different backgrounds.

This website is intended to serve as a resource for you in finding the information you need or the people you want to get to know.


The A&S Diversity Committee

Faculty and Staff Representatives
Yasmina Madden - chair  
Matt Canfield, LPS, HUM/SS (21) Vincent Kinney, MUS, FA (20) 
Ashlyn Hardin, Staff (21)  Lisa Gruhlke, Staff (21)
Meredith Luttrell, BIO, NS (21) Eduardo Garcia-Villada (21) - at large 
Colin Cairns, CHEM (20) - at large Teresa Otanez-Ortiz, Amber Ruiz - student reps

Drake Diversity Policies

Resources for Students

Resources for Faculty/Staff

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