Biochemistry, Cell & Molecular Biology

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People-Oriented Science Careers

I enjoy the sciences and I like interacting with people, but I don’t want to pursue medicine or laboratory work. Why should I major in BCMB?

There are many other career choices to consider, including technical writing (science or medical), business analysis (for venture capitalists or banking firms), biotechnology management, biotechnology or pharmaceutical marketing and sales, health informatics, medical communications and conference planning, quality control and assurance management, regulatory affairs, intellectual property law, and government science policy. These all build upon the same interests and passion that might draw you to biochemistry and molecular biology topics but apply it differently. These careers have excellent opportunities for growth and some even offer higher salaries than the medical profession.

How can one program accommodate so many possibilities?

Drake’s BCMB program is customizable to help you prepare for your choices among this wide array of careers. Our B.A. and B.S. degree programs include a core set of courses in biochemistry, cell, and molecular biology. You then choose advanced classes and career-related classes to complete your major.

Why should I choose a program located in the College of Arts and Sciences?

Many of these careers require courses across the colleges at Drake (e.g. business, education, etc.), and all require good communication and interpersonal skills. It is essential that you write and speak well whether you’re interacting with the public, others in your company or government officials. Furthermore, international skills are of growing importance. A curriculum that is well balanced with career-specific courses with the liberal arts will help you enter and advance in your career and give you more flexibility in the careers you can pursue.

Alumni Success

Drake’s BCMB program has a record of success in helping students enter this wide range of careers. Over the past few years, our alumni have pursued traditional careers in laboratory sciences and medical careers, but we’ve also had alumni pursue science education, service teaching abroad, biotechnology law, informatics, event planning, regulatory affairs, marketing management, health care administration, and technical writing. Over the past 10 years approximately 25% of our BCMB alumni have entered nontraditional careers. 

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