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The John Dee Bright College creates a new pathway into Drake University that will be uniquely tailored to meet the educational needs of a diverse array of students who have often not seen Drake as their potential collegiate home. Our new Bright College students will bring with them life experiences, perspectives, and ways of thinking and being in the world from which the whole Drake community can learn.

Cohort-based Structure
Bright College students learn as a part of a cohort—a team of classmates they will work with to take on real-world challenges and solve problems creatively, collaboratively, and effectively.

Hands-on high impact experiences
They will gain the foundational knowledge in core subject areas, like humanities, STEM, and the arts, and will apply that knowledge in relevant, high-impact ways through hands-on experience.

Accelerator for career development
Bright College degrees focus on higher-order, transferable skills including critical thinking, systems literacy, intercultural understanding, collaborative problem-solving, and effective communication.

Questions? Reach out to Grace Wenzel, Associate Director of Undergraduate Admission and Bright College Recruitment.



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