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Policy Title: Personal Belongings

Each school year, a small number of students experience damage to or theft of their personal property/belongings.  While we certainly recognize your need for ensuring the safety of your personal property, neither Drake University nor its insurance carrier covers faculty, staff or students' lost, stolen or damaged personal property.

The University does not recommend or endorse any individual insurance company, but National Student Services, Inc. is an example of nationwide student property insurance.  The website is:

This type of company allows the student to select the amount of coverage, deductible, replacement value (does not consider depreciation) or actual value (considers depreciation).  The student submits his/her coverage choices and then receives from the carrier a premium quote via email.  This company offers student personal belongings insurance coverage to over 1,100 schools and it covers not only on-campus students but off-campus students as well. 

In some cases, if you have at least one line of insurance with a particular carrier, you might qualify for their personal articles insurance as well through your or your parent's homeowners insurance.  You would need to contact your agent to determine if you are eligible or if they offer a plan.

Drake Personal Property Release Form is to be filled out by faculty/staff that intend to use the personal property for other than office decor.

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Updated: 4.9.2019
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