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Risk and Insurance Office

The Risk and Insurance Office is responsible for insurance, contracts, and risk management procedures for University programs.

Address: 2507 University Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50311
Location: Old Main, Room 320

Our Staff

Venessa Macro, Chief Administration Officer,

Donita Greenough, Administrative Support Specialist,


Contracting Guidelines -- Educate yourself and your department on what to look for in a contract, who has signing authority and where to find approved templates.

Student Trips and Off-Campus Experiences -- There are several processes and policies applicable to domestic student trips, off-campus and study away experiences. Ensure you have the information you need before planning a student trip or off-campus experience.

Driver Approval and Transportation -- Resources, forms, and guidelines pertaining to driving on University business.

Injury Incident Reporting -- How to report injuries and accidents on and off campus (Drake-sponsored events) whether involving students, employees or visitors. 

Insurance Requirements -- Insurance limits vary depending on the nature of the contract. Find out what those limits are and what Drake requires on a certificate of insurance.

Minors on Campus -- Processes relating to hosting or working with minors on campus.

Drone Approval -- Drone usage on campus requires pre-approval. Find out more about the approval process and criteria used for approving drones on campus.

Documents, Forms, Guidelines, and Policies -- Links for quick access to documents, forms, guidelines, and policies.


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