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Injury Incident Reporting

When there is a fall, injury or some type of accident or incident on campus, call the Public Safety Office at 515-271-2222. Public Safety has the training to assess the situation and secure help if the injured requests help. Public Safety completes an incident report that goes to the Risk and Insurance Office.

If the incident occurs in a class or meeting, it is the faculty member or director's responsibility to fill out an Incident Report online with 48 hours. This form is automatically sent to the Risk and Insurance Office and the Environmental Health and Safety Office.

If you are off-campus on a Drake-sponsored trip and an injury incurs, please make sure the Incident Report is fill out within 48 hours by the faculty or staff person who sponsored the trip

If you are faculty, staff or student employee and you fall or get injured while working, this is considered workers compensation. These injuries are to be reported through portal.  Form is found under the Human Resources, Employee Forms, First Report of Injury for Workers Comp

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