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Chuck Day
P.O. Box 561
Des Moines, IA 50302
(515) 282-8054

Central Mission of the Organization:

Starpac is dedicated to political action against the weapons race. Starpac works to educate Iowans on peace issues, influence legislation in Congress and actively support candidates who are dedicated to peace.

History of the Organization:

STAR*PAC (Stop the Arms Race Political Action Committee of Iowa) was founded in 1980 in Des Moines. STAR*PAC is dedicated to political action against war. Established at the peak of the Cold War, amid a perilous and costly nuclear weapons race; STAR*PAC continues advocacy against the arms race and exorbitant military spending, and tackles many other foreign and military policy issues.

STAR*PAC works to raise fundamental issues of war and peace, especially in Congressional elections and the pivotal Iowa Presidential Caucuses. We help educate and mobilize Iowans on peace issues, and actively support candidates who are dedicated to peace. In past elections, STAR*PAC has focused on war and peace issues at individual and all-candidate forums, submitted and published candidate responses to questionnaires on peace issues, and worked to elect the strongest peace candidates. STAR*PAC has endorsed candidates, sponsored speaking tours featuring nationally-known foreign policy experts and peace leaders, organized media campaigns, and mobilized voters.

The small group of Iowans who assembled in 1980 sought to form a political action arm for the peace community with some of the characteristics of PACs for teachers, labor, and other constituencies. From this handful of dedicated peace political activists, STAR*PAC has grown to several hundred supporters throughout Iowa.

STAR*PAC undertakes political action for peace by working for those candidates we endorse. We have supported many candidates for the U.S. House and Senate, in the Presidential Caucuses and general election.

Over the years, STAR*PAC has assisted Iowa Congressional candidates, worked to influence and mobilize public opinion, and raised war and peace issues in caucus campaigns. In the 2006 Congressional elections in Iowa, STAR*PAC submitted questionnaires and publicized answers, examined candidates positions, hosted national speakers on tours around Iowa, endorsed candidates, ran radio ads and did phone banking for endorsed candidates.

International Issues and Focus:

Oppose Pentagon overspending.
Promote abolishment of nuclear weapons.
Strengthen global security through arms control and disarmament.

Events and Programs Sponsored:

Candidate forums on peace issues.
Sponsor statewide speaking tours.
Endorse candidates for president and congress.
Get out the vote campaigns.


$25 annual fee.