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Student Conference Fund

The Principal Center for Global Citizenship provides funding for Drake students to attend regional and national conferences that focus on global or international topics. 

Applications may be funded up to $500, depending on costs and the level of student participation. Priority may be given to applicants who have an active role in the conference (e.g. the applicant will be presenting a paper or serving as a discussant). Funds may be used to cover the costs of travel, lodging, meals, and registration fees. Eligibility for this funding opportunity is open to all current undergraduate and graduate-level students enrolled in any Drake degree program and who are in good academic standing.

Applications for funding will only be accepted using the online form and should include the following. Applications that fail to address all of these items will not be considered.

  • Major(s) and Expected Graduation Year at Drake University
  • Title, Location*, and Dates of the Conference
  • Conference Website
  • Conference Registration Fees (if applicable)
  • Mode of Transportation to the Conference and Expected Costs
  • Plans for Lodging and Expected Associated Costs (if applicable)
  • Other financial assistance the student is receiving for the conference (such as from the student’s academic department, an outside grant, etc.) (if applicable)
  • One brief paragraph explaining how the conference relates to the student’s academic and/or professional goals, how it connects with global or international topics, and what form of participation the student will engage in at the conference
  • Supplemental documentation to support your application, such as the abstract/proposal submitted to the conference organizers (if applicable)

*Virtual conference participation is also eligible for funding to cover the cost of registration.

Conference funding applications are considered on a rolling basis. We ask that applications be submitted at least thirty days prior to the scheduled start of the conference to allow sufficient time for review and response, and to ensure the student can make further or alternate funding arrangements if needed.

Please direct questions to