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Getting Started

The University Communications and Marketing team works closely with senior leaders to determine and address communication priorities. If you have a communication need, please discuss that need first with the senior leader and/or designated communications coordinator for your area. If you don’t know who that person is, we will help assess where your need falls within the established strategic priorities for your area.

Once a project is initiated, we may ask to hold an intake meeting that will allow our team to better understand your target audience, main objectives, key messages, timeline, measurements of success, and other pertinent information in order to produce the most effective communications.

If your communication needs will incur costs, such as print pieces or advertising, you must  provide a FOAPAL number so that invoices can be appropriately charged. A FOAPAL authorization email with the vendor and estimated cost of the job will be sent to your budget manager. The FOAPAL authorization email must be approved and returned via email before work can be completed. If you have questions about this process, please contact Office Manager Sara Sommerlot-McWeeny at or x2169.