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Officially Documented Complaints

If still unresolved after following the appropriate informal complaint procedures, the student may choose to have the issue "officially documented." Each college and school and each non-curricular unit has procedures for official complaints and appeals. All of these are consistent with the following general procedures.

  • An explanation of the concern or appeal is submitted to the Office of the Dean of the college/school or Director of the appropriate unit.
    • It will be necessary that you be able to demonstrate that you already have attempted to resolve the concern through the informal procedures.
    • To establish official documentation, the complaint or appeal must be submitted in writing and must include the name, college, contact information of the person filing the complaint, and a brief description of the circumstances including who has been involved and current status.
  • Students must refer to the respective college or department policies for submission and response timelines and procedures. Unit procedures will be followed in resolving formal complaints.
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