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The Crew Scholars Program

Drake University Crew Scholars Students

The Crew Scholars Program offers a community in which students build lifelong friendships, attend exciting events, and get involved in every aspect of campus life, all while cultivating academic and leadership skills and nurturing their passion for making a difference.

The Crew Scholars Program:

  • Provides focused social and academic support for its members.
  • Encourages active campus participation.
  • Recognizes and nurtures individual identities.
  • Prepares students for leadership and mentorship roles.

Crew Scholars who are enrolled full-time will receive a $500 tuition scholarship, which is renewable if students satisfactorily participate in the program. *

*Not available to recipients of Tuition Exchange or to students whose tuition is already 100% funded.


  • Retention rates in Crew consistently hover at or above 88%.
  • The graduation rate for Crew Scholars is nearly 91%.

Joining the Crew

Incoming First-Year Students:

The Crew Scholars Program at Drake is open to incoming domestic students of any major. Three cohorts of 20 students will be selected for the program.

You must be admitted to Drake before you can apply for Crew.

Once you are part of the Crew, all scholars pledge to graduate from Drake and to provide positive encouragement and support to fellow Crew members. You'll also commit to participating in each component of the program.

Apply Now!

Incoming Transfer Students:

The Crew Scholars program is now available to eligible incoming transfer students beginning in the fall of 2023!

For a personalized application form, please contact Jazlin Coley, Director of the Crew Scholars Program at

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Student must be enrolled as a fall-entry-only Drake student
  • A student must be able to complete the two-year mandatory Crew programming, including Pre-Welcome Week programming (that is held 2-3 days for Welcome Week programming).
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