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"Without Crew I don't think I would be walking across the stage this May. Crew has been my support system through all the crazy stuff that has happened in the last four years. No matter what the problem is Crew is always there."

Deshauna Carter, Senior Psychology Major

"I love crew because they really became my family away from home when I came to school in a state that I did not know a soul. They have supported all of my ambitions and goals, while keeping me sane when things went side ways. No matter what I know crew has my back and best interest in mind."

Terrance Montgomery, Senior Actuarial Science Major

"When everything else in your life is going wrong, you can count on crew to make it right. Crew is my safe place where I can be unapologetically me. Where I can laugh, cry, pray, or just be quiet. Crew is more than just a program geared towards uplifting the black and brown communities academically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Crew is family, Crew is love, and Crew is something I will remember for years to come."

Shyann Scott, Sophomore Psychology Major

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