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The DELTA Rx Institute Winter 2019 Newlsetter

We Are Extra Thankful for You and Your Engagement in DELTA Rx This Season!

The Institute has had a busy few months as we move forward with our mission to promote entrepreneurial leadership in the profession of pharmacy among practitioners, faculty, and student pharmacists. Looking back on all of your contributions that have continually made the Institute successful, we would first like to sincerely thank each of you for going the extra mile to ensure this success. Thank you for supporting our organization, and allowing it to reach new heights. A new year brings new opportunities to instill a spirit of change and innovation in the profession of pharmacy. Join us in celebrating the growth and achievements of our organization in the past year. We look forward to building and strengthening our organization with your valuable support. We wish you a happy holiday season!

Completed Student Programming: 

11thAnniversary of the Entrepreneurial Summer Internships

Drake University and the DELTA Rx Institute are pleased to announce the continuation of the innovative entrepreneurial summer internship program. This opportunity allows Drake pharmacy students to gain real world experience in collaboration with unique, innovative practice sites across Iowa to strengthen their entrepreneurial leadership skills.

Student pharmacists participated in the Shape Your Pharmacy Future course directed by Drake faculty throughout their 8-week, 40-hour per week internship program to enhance what they learned out in the field. Examples of modules include money matters, the path to pharmacy ownership, and more. Conference calls, special projects, and attendance at the Iowa Pharmacy Association Annual Meeting all inspired these students to become engaged practitioners and built a strong foundation for them to continue forward wherever their professional pharmacy career may take them.

Congratulations to the following students and preceptors for completing the summer internships:

  • Natale Ake- Eagle Grove Pharmacy with Andrew Wagner
  • Rebecca Heinert and Nevin Radechel- GRX Holdings with Cheri Schmitt
  • Monica Nikseresht- NuCara Pharmacy with Brett Barker
  • Jake Drettwan- Hartig Drug Company with Charlie Hartig

 Thank you to the students and preceptors for the 2019 Summer Internships

Read more about the individual internships and students . 

Drake’s Next Top Entrepreneur Competition
Congratulations to the winners of the Fall 2019 NTEC! Each team presented on their own innovative business plans related to healthcare. All individuals demonstrated entrepreneurial spirit, and a passion for moving our profession forward. We wish them luck in their future endeavors! The top 3 teams from round 3 are the recipients of the following scholarships: $1,200 (first place), $800 (second place), and $400 (third place): 

1. Johnny Mills and Andrew Bjorlin

2. Breanna Moore

3. Layne Davis, Sedie Harms, and Tessa Buehrer

A sincere thank you to the following judges for sharing their insight and expertise to support the contestants throughout the duration of the competition:

Round 1: Greg Johansen, Dalton Fabian, and Sarah Dean

Round 2: Tom Swegle, Jason Salton, and Anthony Pudlo

Round 3: Robert Loch, Felix Gallagher, and Debra Bishop 

Read more about the competition

Student Spotlight: Drake Reiter

Congratulations to fourth year Drake pharmacy student and DELTA Rx student participant Drake Reiter for receiving the 2019 Future Pharmacist Award during the Next-Generation Pharmacists Award Gala held in San Diego on October 25.

When asked what winning the award meant to him, Reiter said, “I am humbled and honored to have been selected as the winner of the Next-Generation Future Pharmacist Award.Having the opportunity to be recognized with and meet so many leaders in pharmacy was an amazing experience, and I hope to be able to continue working to advance patient care and advocate for the profession as I continue in my career. The number of Drake students who have won this award speaks to the great opportunities that we have here on campus, and my winning wouldn't have been possible without the great mentorship that I have received from our faculty members.” Drake was also a participant in the Spring 2017 Next Top Entrepreneur Competition hosted by the DELTA Rx Institute. His passion for innovation and advancing our profession is evident in receiving this outstanding award. 

Drake University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences has had a tremendous record of Next Generation Future Pharmacist award finalists and winners. Reiter joins as the third Drake CPHS winner along with Laura Vollmer in 2014 and Matt Glasow just last year. All three of these winners have participated in DELTA Rx activities. Great work, Drake!

Where Innovation Meets Paper: Innovator Spotlight Article on Dr. Tony Guerra

Dr. Tony Guerra shines as an innovative practitioner in a non-traditional pharmacy practice setting where he integrates his background in English with his knowledge of the pharmacy profession. His passion to help current pharmacy students reach their full potential through developing audiobooks, podcasts, and other helpful resources has allowed him to make a lasting impact on his audience. His experiences, expertise, and willingness to push the boundaries of what innovation entails has helped him succeed in his niche where English meets pharmacy. Read more about Dr. Guerra and his pharmacy practice 

What We Are Looking Forward to in 2020...

NEW! The Inaugural DELTA Rx Entrepreneurial APPE hosted by Dr. Erin Ulrich
Announcing the first entrepreneurial-centered APPE experience in collaboration with the DELTA Rx Institute. This opportunity allows students the support and mentorship to develop a unique experience that aligns with their professional goals. Students have the ability to build a business plan while gaining valuable feedback and mentorship of Drake CPHS faculty member, Dr. Erin Ulrich. This hands on, original rotation will allow students to lay the groundwork for their business ideas to implement upon graduation. In addition, student pharmacists participate in networking with innovative pharmacists currently in the field. We look forward to sharing an update on this exciting opportunity next Fall!
Spring Creativity and Innovation in Healthcare Co-Curricular
While aligning with our mission to instill a spirit of change and innovation in the profession, we look forward to hosting a workshop for students to develop their entrepreneurial leadership skillset. Students will hear from a guest speaker, then learn how to implement their newfound knowledge by working through scenarios requiring an innovative healthcare solution.
Drake University Health Professions Day 
We look forward to securing a position to provide a breakout session aligning with innovation in the profession of pharmacy at the 2020 Health Professions Day (previously called Pharmacy and Health Sciences Day). This event helps advance the DELTA RxInstitute’s mission by facilitating conversations around that state of innovation in the profession and in the healthcare field as a whole. 
Share Your Ideas or Highlight Your Practice
Are you currently practicing in an innovative environment or company, or know of a professional who is advancing the mission of DELTA Rx? We are continually looking to expand our website platform through highlighting practitioners who are practicing as entrepreneurial leaders within the profession. We also plan to continue supporting practitioners by adding innovative resources and tools. Please email us at deltarx@drake.eduif you would like to write an article to highlight practice or have a resource you would like to be featured on our website.